Anti-Violence Project

new york city anti-violence project

For almost 40 years, AVP has been an essential resource to LGBTQ and HIV-affected communities and a leader in addressing and preventing violence. AVP is the largest anti-LGBTQ violence organization in the country.

The work created for AVP has varied from online social media graphics to photo booth banners, buttons, shirts and even a Times Square billboard. One key goal was to create a sense of continuity in design across the basic AVP marketing materials, while still providing opportunity to expand their look in more creative ways beyond their blue/orange color theme and Arial font. Thus, these designs are modern and trendy while still cohesively organized, and they all work to appeal to AVP's core demographic.

Services Provided

  • General marketing kit - brochures, shirts, palm cards, etc.
  • Web and social media graphics
  • Various event branding and materials
  • Office signage
  • Logo design for AVP initiative

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