Brave Commons

BRave commons

Brave Commons is an intersectional LGBTQ+ organization that serves to elevate the voices of the marginalized on college campuses, advocate for transformative justice and policy change where necessary, and provide support to survivors of spiritual trauma.

Working closely with the founder of Brave Commons, I created a branding kit, including a logo package, fonts and a bright rainbow color theme; as well as appropriate usage for all brand elements. 

The unicorn design was inspired by a painting made by student attending Brave Commons' first retreat, thus centering the work of the students even within the brand of the organization. The geometric shape is minimalist, modern and fun–evoking the idea of the unicorn rather than explicitly showing a unicorn illustration. Unlike the blue outline design of the rest of the symbol, the horn is filled with a pastel pink, calling attention to this key part of the unicorn: the part that separates it from normal horses, the part that–legends say–contains its magic.

Services Provided

  • Logo design
  • Branding kit